Monday, May 17, 2010

May 16, 2010 - Red Canyon (Dixie National Forrest)

We leave the Bryce Canyon area on Monday to make the 4+ hour drive over to Moab, Utah for about 2 weeks there.  We had not had time to really clean the RV since we left South Padre Island so we decided it was time for a very good cleaning and also to do our laundry.  We have been really impressed with the campground here at Ruby's Inn as all the facilities are clean and well maintained. 

Here is a picture of our campsite #108 in Ruby's Inn Campground - Very pretty with large trees and not too crowded.
We have had some issues with Pinkie and not having good ground for her to stand on in some sites.  Matt fixed her up with a new wooden pedestal so she can now sit where-ever she would like, although she prefers to be by the door and close to us.

As we were driving from Zion to Bryce, we drove through this beautiful canyon on Highway 12 called Red Canyon.  It is part of the Dixie National Forrest.  I'll have to post later with some pictures from this beautiful canyon.  If you have a couple of hours to spare, I would definitely recommend stopping at the Red Canyon Visitors Center and doing a short hike.  We hiked the Pink Ledges Trail and then connected it to the Birdseye Trail for an easy 2 mile walk.  The rock is a much richer red in this canyon than in Bryce.

I also thought I'd mention our water problem again.  As I worked on the inside of the RV, Matt spent his afternoon trying to figure out what happened to our city water supply.  Basically, we could not get any pressure from our city water connection and when we tried to pressurize the internal tanks, the water shot out of the city water connection if a hose was not hooked up to it (not a good thing).  Lets just say that my second shower of the day as I tried to fill our internal tank was very cold.  Matt had to rebuild the entire connection of where the hose meets the RV.  Thank goodness he figured it out, otherwise we would not have any water for the next two days as we will not have city connections in Dead Horse State Park.

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