Tuesday, May 18, 2010

May 17, 2010 - Dead Horse Point State Park (Utah)

We left Bryce Canyon about 9am to start our drive to Dead Horse Point State Park near Moab, Utah.  According to map quest, the drive was to take about 4.5 hours however, we have at least one stop along the way planned.  We have been without a real grocery store since we left Padre several weeks ago and are in need of restocking.  A great iPhone App for Wal-Mart very clearly pointed one out along our route (what would we do without our iPhone and Wal-Mart???).  We stopped in Richfield, Utah for a Wal-Mart stock up and for lunch.

We made it into the campground in the park around 4pm.  Its a very small campground with only 21 spots in it and I was lucky enough to find tonight and tomorrow night open when I was looking about a month ago.  The roads in the campground are very narrow and our spot was the first one that we came to when we entered the campground.  I think Matt's exact comment was "How the Hell am I supposed to back this thing in there?".  The paved drive was an impossible turn for the trailer as it was angled the exact opposite of the entrance to the campground  We decided to circle the campground and back into the spot as if we were leaving the campground instead of coming into it.  Worked like a charm.  The paved areas are narrow and lined with lots of junipers but the camp areas are open and wide with great covered picnic areas.  Defnitely the most beautiful & quiet spot we have stayed in so far.  Easy to see why it books up so fast.

After getting the trailer leveled and slid out, we headed out to explore the Point.  It is a gorgeous area high above the Colorado River that winds and winds its way through the canyon.  I would recommend that anyone stop here for an hour or so to make the drive down to the viewpoint, its more than worth the $10 entrance fee to the park.

Internet connection here is very slow so I'll update with more photos (including those promised of Red Canyon) tomorrow when we get settled into Moab.  We are both ready for a bit of town life after several weeks in the parks.

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