Wednesday, August 18, 2010

On the road again... Seward Alaska

We made it back from our kayak trip a little soggy, but it was great and neither of us took a swim, YEAH!!!!  I'll post some more on the trip and some great pictures that we got in the beautiful bay and the cute little yurt that we stayed in.

We left Homer this morning and now are in Seward, Alaksa (just the other side of the Kenai peninsula).  We have had our first day without any rain since we got into Alaska almost a month ago.  It was so beautiful (highs in the low 60's) that we had to spend a good portion of the day outside including a nice dinner.  Here is a picture of our newest "home" and Matt cleaning all the Alaska muck out of his tripod (although some of our fellow RV'ers thought he was cleaning some type of weapon device?????).

Yes, we were still drying everything out since it has rained constantly and our shoes were still wet from McNeil almost a week ago.

Look at that beautiful blue sky!!!  We have not seen it in weeks!!!

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