Sunday, April 17, 2011

Beaches, Sand, Shells & Wind - Farewell to South Padre Island

We can't believe that we've been here 3 months and are busy packing up to leave on Tuesday.  We've had the carpets cleaned and the wash and wax happens tomorrow morning.  We'll be hitched and packed by tomorrow night and leave early on Tuesday morning to head to Houston.

I wanted to share some photos and videos from the past couple of weeks here on the island.

We have been going to the end of the road on the north end of the island and walking along the deserted beach to pick up seashells and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Beautiful wind swept sandy beaches
No one around - So quiet and beautiful
The shells were great - We found some as large as our hands - I ended up with a large ziploc bag that weighed about 20 pounds that I carried back from our walk.

 Since we are coming so near to the end of our trip here, Matt has been kiteboarding as much as he can in our final days.  I went with him down to the kiting beach on the Laguna Madre side of the island and waded out into the flats with him to take some photos and videos of him horsing around.

Inflatible Pool Toy - Check; Wetsuit - Check; Sunscreen - Check; Big Grin - PRICELESS!!!  Matt getting ready to go kiteboarding today. 

As I was in the water with Matt, I had an opportunity to take some photos from some angles that I normally can't get.  Here he was just getting ready to go back out.

Foot in and ready to power up

Matt, surfboard and the 9meter Cabrina kite

We stopped for dinner on our way home from the kite beach and enjoyed a great margarita and fajitas at Padreritaville.  The waiter was nice enough to snap this photo of us.
And now for some funny videos.  As I mentioned, I was in the water with the camera and as you will see in one of the video's, Matt gets quite close at times.  If you receive this in an email, be sure to go to the BLOG (CLICK HERE) so that you can view the video.

It was pretty light wind today, so there was a lot of clowning around to ward off boredom.  Here, Matt used his surfboard as a very small boat as he skipped across the water.  Not quite the normal methods of riding a surfboard.

In this video, Matt takes a nice little ride, that ends with my favorite...  A BIG SPLASH...


Here Matt gets a little close for comfort to me as I'm filming - Notice the scream and the camera bobble...

Here is a nice little ride, showing off how its done!!!

I think that is all for now.  I'll update once we are on the road and we have some more photos to share.  I've updated the sidebar here on the blog to show our travel itinerary for the next month, so visit the blog if you are wondering where we are (if you get this in email form).

Happy Travels,

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