Monday, April 25, 2011

Hot & sunny Houston

Wow. Its been hot here in Houston. We definitely miss our cool ocean breezes on South Padre Island. It has been a bit hectic as well here.

When we got ready to leave the island, our first issue was that our kitchen slide would not come in. We spent quite a bit of time with Matt using a very large wrench to "coax" the slide into moving and were finally able to roll out. On the way to our campground here in Houston, we pulled the truck, trailer and all into Lowe's to buy some attachments for the drill so that Matt could spend several hours under the slides getting all the rust and "stuff" off the slide mechanisms.

On the drive, Matt noticed that the brakes didn't seem to be working all that well on the trailer. We have now spent days trying to pinpoint the problem and hopefully have them fixed after having the truck & trailer into 3 different shops.

Other than trailer issues, Matt working on a large work project and me registering for graduate school, we have spent some great time with Ted and Annie. Annie just returned from New Orleans so we are looking forward to picking her brain on great restaurants. We attended a beautiful wedding on Saturday down on the shores of Clear Lake for a friend of Matts.

Needless to say with all the unexpected things to do we have had to extend our stay here in Houston for another week. We will still keep the same locations for our drive over to the NC outer banks, just a week delayed.

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