Friday, July 29, 2011

Lubec, Maine

Well, we have made it back into the US (technically) but we are still so close to Canada that our phones continue to run on Canadian cell networks.  :-(

We are in Lubec, Maine which is the Eastern most town in the US.  Its a beautiful little area and we are camping right on the coast. 

We had a nice couple of days on the island of Cape Breton which is in Nova Scotia, Canada.  The weather was nice enough for us to do a fantastic day trip to the Louisbourg National Historic Site.  This was an original French settlement that has been rebuilt by Parks Canada to represent life in 1744.  Even though only 1/5 of the town has been reconstructed, it was huge and amazing!

We watched as the costumed staff fired two of the cannons - We could feel it when it went off!  Wow!!

Isn't the size of the building incredible - Great attention to detail!  The reconstruction even contained live animals such as sheep, turkeys & chickens.

Mr. Foley - Matt only has one pair of sunglasses on in this photo

One of the main streets along the Quay.

The gate into the city.
So in a couple of days, Matt and I will be on separate trips.  He will stay with the RV in Maine while I fly to Missouri to visit with my family and await the much anticipate arrival of my newest niece, Madelyn.  She can't quite make up her mind as to when she wants to arrive so I am leaving on Tuesday and will be flying back after spending some time in Missouri.

I will try to keep everyone updated on both of our travels!!

Take care,

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