Friday, August 26, 2011

Hurricane Irene and Updates

Hi everyone - Sorry the blog has been so silent but its been a hectic couple of weeks with Matt and I in very different parts of the US.

I spent the last three weeks in Missouri with my family and welcomed the newest member of the family, Madelyn Rose, into the family.  She was eagerly greeted by my sister, her husband, and her sister, Katelyn.  Matt has been enjoying Maine for the last couple of weeks and has spent time at Baxter State Park and Acadia.

We started watching Hurricane Irene on Sunday, and on Tuesday we decided that I needed to change my travel plans to return back to Maine from Missouri.  My original travel plans were to fly back on Saturday, however, Irene's anticipated arrival changed all that as I had to fly from DC into Portland, Maine.  I was thankfully able to fly out in a last minute flight on Tuesday and made it home after several delayed flights and a nice run through Dulles airport in DC. 

We are currently in Maine and watching all the news we can get on Hurricane Irene.  We are watching the storm track closely to see if we can stay where we are in between Rockport and Camden (North of Portland) or if we need to head inland further.  Below is a map showing our approximate location and as you can see, there are no easy places for us to go to totally escape the storm.  We are only under a tropical storm watch so our hopes are that we will be able to ride out the storm.  The RV park that we are in is very heavily treed so we will be protected from the full force of the wind.

We will keep you updated on our status as the storm draws nearer!!

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