Monday, October 8, 2007

Cool new video!!!

Ok, I am trying out this video blogger for the first time, lets see how it works!! Matt did this animation of him jumping today. It is fantastic!!! Click on the arrow to make it play.

The weather here today was nice in the morning. We went for a run (well, walk/run for me) this morning and a quick swim in the ocean afterwards to cool off. About 3:30 this afternoon, the nasty dark clouds rolled in and here came the rains!!! Needless to say, no kiting today.

I took advantage of the day to complete a couple of wedding page scrapbook pages and to complete a challenge at gottapixel. Just for the record, I am glad these two pages are done. I actually started them before we left in June and completely gutted them and started over so many times.

Here are the two pages together:

Credits for Reception Dinner:
Template by Jill DZines for template challenge
All papers and embellishments by Traci Sims (simply classic, firewater, & silly willy kits)
Font: Trajan Pro
Photos by Jason Smith Photography

Journaling reads:
Catering by Lifestyles Catering
Chopped Salad with Red & Green Cabbage, Jicama, Apples, Bleu Cheese Crumbles, Romaine, Crispy Fried Onions tossed with Fresh Basil Vinaigrette, BaconRoasted Garlic Mashed PotatoesGrilled
Summer Vegetables Lightly Grilled with Olive Oil and Herbs
Sirloin Medallions served with Mushrooms in Marsala Wine Sauce
Penne Ala Fresco Oven Roasted Tomatoes Slowly Cooked with Whole Garlic, Kalamata Olives, Red Peppers,and Chili Flakes.

Here is page one in more detail.

Here is page two in more detail.

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Jill D-Zines said...

Hello! I just saw your wedding pages in the GottaPixel gallery too - and now got a google alert to lead me here! (You can put in your name, or any search word, and google will send you an e-mail when it finds a new page with that search-word included - I have it search for Jill D-Zines)

Your 2-page wedding layout is so fabulous! You really should submit them to some magazine for publication - they look so great! I'm glad you liked the template, and that you joined us for the challenge! :)

Jill D