Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Just like clockwork...

Just like clockwork... Weather started out nice and then at 3:30 they turned the sprinklers on (and the heavy ones at that). Needless to say, we didn't do much today. We had our Spanish lesson this morning and its going well, just need to practice more. We had brunch at the bakery and bought more yummy bread for this week. Then we went for a run (walk/run for me again, darn leg) in the rain this afternoon just to get out.

I've started designing my first scrapbook kit so I'll show you some previews and stuff soon. I'm tired of trying to get the exact right colors for our wedding album so Matt has talked me into designing one of my own. We'll see how it goes.

We do have a busy day tomorrow. In the morning, we are going to the next town, Sosua, to the "big" grocery store and I'm so excited. Never thought that I'd be excited to go to a grocery store, but the ones here are a glorified mini mart (but not near as clean and well stocked). Boy would I kill for a King Soopers about now!!! We have not purchased one ounce of meat since we have been here (that is how bad it is). Anything fresh is also hard to come by. Overall, there are five little grocery marts that we frequent (each has something a little different) and its difficult to piece together meals to cook at home. Also, we don't have an oven or microwave in our apartment so we are even more limited. Oh well, there are great restaurants when we just can't do it anymore.

Matt is supposed to teach a kite boarding lesson tomorrow, but we are doubting that there will be enough wind for it. His lessons last weekend were canceled due to lack of wind.

Tomorrow night we are meeting at a friends house to have an authentic Italian dinner (did I mention that he is Italian). We can't wait!!!

Here is a photo collage that Matt put together on his favorite jump sequence (same one as the video from yesterday). Now you can see what I see when I'm taking his pictures. The jump starts out on the right and ends on the left.

Photos by Angela
Photoshop work by Matt

Wow, that was a long post for doing nothing today.

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