Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Dope on a Rope

Here is the weather report for today...

Yep, it was a beautiful day with wind. YEAH!!! Matt was scheduled to teach a lesson today so we went down to the beach early today so he could get some kiting in before he taught. He zipped around and worked on some new tricks (and of course some new crashes!!). I made a layout to show one of his new tricks, a spin. Its a jump with a complete 360 turn before landing, or as Matt calls it "Dope on a Rope". You can see the progression of the "spin" by looking at the photos below in a clockwise direction {and of course, I had to include the ending splash}.

Credits for Spinning:
Based on a template by Alice Naylor {}
All papers and elements by Digital Divas Designs, April Mega Kit, Raging Sea
Photos by Angela

His student didn't show up again for her lesson and needless to say, he was a bit irritated. He went tonight to talk with the Coral Institute's English class and had an audience of 12 with ages ranging from 8 to 40+. The class had terrific English and he really enjoyed himself.

Overall, a very quiet night and not to mention a warm one as our air conditioning has stopped working again and of course it will be fixed "manana".

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