Thursday, October 11, 2007

Its Meez....

Yep, I did spell the title right. Check out both of our Meez's (in this post and on the right side of the blog).

You have to check out It is hilarious to create this animated character of yourself. Beware though... as Matt told me "You owe me an hour of my life back!!". It is a total time waster and so funny. Of course, I might have been laughing a bit harder because my meez would not put her pants on... No idea why, but she finally did so I didn't have to post an X rated one!!! My meez name is ars_scrap and Matt's is MateoPablo.

Yep, slow day around here. Matt did teach for about an hour early this afternoon and we managed to not have rain at 3:30, but no wind for him to kite. Good thing he got out for a bit yesterday afternoon before he went for his lesson (that was cancelled).

Not too much else, but go waste some time!!!

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