Friday, October 12, 2007

Snorkeling in Sosua...

We had our first experience with the buses here in D.R. today. Thank goodness that a friend who speaks Spanish was with us to make all the arrangements. The three of us hopped on the bus about 8 this morning and headed to the next town to the west of us, Sosua. For those not familiar with the "public transport" system here, lets just say that it consists of small passenger vans stuffed with people with no air-conditioning. And when they are full, that's when you keep adding more people. We were really lucky today in that the three of us squeezed into the first bench seat (along with one of the bus workers), so there were only 4 of us in one seat. It was a quick trip as the drivers haul a.. down the road swerving to avoid other buses, slow moving cars, the multitude of moto's (motor bikes & scooters), and the occasional donkey and pedestrians.

Sosua has a very large bay with a huge reef just off the shore. We put on the masks and snorkels and out we went. Of course, once in the water we realized that we had forgotten the camera (the waterproof one) and a banana (fish food). We had a bit of trouble finding the reef to begin with, but finally located it and circled all around it. Promise to have pictures next time of the beautiful colorful fish. Some of the favorites today were the yellow and silver striped ones and the florescent blue ones. I'm looking for something that tells me what they are, but haven't found anything on the net yet. I'll post a link when I find a good one.

Matt was supposed to teach a lesson today, but of course, the wind was missing... We're hoping for it to return soon. At least it hasn't rained today!!! He is scheduled to teach again tomorrow, but we'll see.

On a side note, I cooked a real dinner today!!! Yeah... We made homemade tacos with our goodies from our store trip the other day. They were WONDERFUL!!!! OK, so we miss being able to have the food we are used to. Of course, it took twice as long to cook as it should have. That's what happens when your kitchen contains only two pans (and you really need 3 or 2 and a microwave), no cheese grater (boy it takes forever to cut cheese up in small slices to melt on tacos), and you can't use the tap water (washing onions with bottled water is always interesting).

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