Monday, October 15, 2007

Tropical Breezes And Blowing Palm Trees

We had a beautiful day here today!!! We woke up (about 6:40 am this morning, thank you Mateo Pablo) to beautiful blue skies and wind!! Well, the wind was light in the morning, but continued to build all day. We headed out to the beach at noon and Matt went out on his 14 meter kite. His first sail was a "downwinder" and he ended up walking back on the beach. He sat with me for a bit before we relaunched him and he had a great ride. After a rest, he pumped up the 10 meter kite and went back out for another sail. Needless to say, he's a bit tired tonight.

I recently was accepted to join the creative team of Lucy Chesna and I submitted my first layout based on her sketch (see below).

I found a great wedding photo from the reception that I had not used. I liked the photo both in color and in black and white so I decided to make it both. I created a mask to keep the red in Matt's tie, vest & flower and to keep the red in my jewelry and left everything else to be black & white. I could not find one kit that I really liked, so I used a whole lot of different kits to get the look that I wanted.

(click to enlarge)

Credits for Blissfully Wedded:
Based on a sketch by Lucy Chesna (
Papers by Atomic Cupcake ( (Casanova, Fries with that, Emma kits)
Alphabet by Atomic Cupcake (Casanova kit)
Hearts by Atomic Cupcake (Casanova kit)
Silver bead chain by Atomic cupcake (Necessities kit)
Love slide by Atomic Cupcake (Gingerbread kit)
Photography by Jason Smith (recolored by Angela)

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